Fall Clean-Up

Fall is a great time to de-clutter the yard; time to get rid of compost, trim trees and shrubs and have them taken away for chipping, and to get rid of all that old unused junk you have been storing in the shed.

Cleaning the yard is not only good exercise accompanied by fresh air, it’s also therapeutic; a purging of the system and a clearing of the mind with a resulting sense of satisfaction and well-being. Walk around and see what needs to go. Now is the time to remove the old piles of lumber, rotten firewood, and junk from around the yard because rodents are looking for places to hunker down for winter and to call home. 

This is the best way to discourage them from taking up residence near your home.

Fall is a good time to have our junk removal service come in and remove your compost. This way, it’s still fresh garden waste that hasn’t decomposed to soil, which means it’s lighter and easier to remove and cuts down on removal and recycling cost. No point looking at it all winter and you have a clean slate to start all over again in the spring. Again, the critters can be tempted by nicely baking compost for a cozy, warm home!

Fall is a great time to prune hedges, trees and shrubs around the yard. The holidays are coming and properties always look better with a manicured landscape. They are also easier to decorate up for the season if you wanted to do so. Our junk removal service can take away all your organics from anywhere in Victoria and have them recycled into compost, to be used again for another day.

Clean that old shed out and make room for stuff that you actually do use. Sheds are commonly used to hide old things when people are not sure what to do with it. We have found old broken pails and plant pots, broken tools, non-functioning electronics, paint cans with paint that has gone hard, and old rusty bike parts. All of these items we can deal with and most of the items you have stored often have the capability of being recycled now. No point in keeping them for another year. Call us, rain or shine, and we can make that extra space you wish you had by having us remove these items for good!

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