Pest Control

In my 25 + years of experience of junk removal, I have seen a lot of rodents take advantage of junk build-up! Too many scenarios! Out of respect for all living creatures, rodents deserve a place to live, but preferably not in our dwellings or yard!

The formula is very simple. Provide a rat or mouse with a home, a breeding ground, and a food source and these creatures will multiply quickly and become a huge problem! They not only harbour illness in their droppings but in the mites and fleas they carry. If they have made a home in your attic, garage, crawlspace or basement, you could be at risk for coming into contact with rodent droppings and hair. Worse yet, depending on where and how you store your food, rats and mice have the potential of contaminating your food supply. Rats and mice are expert gnawers and can pose a threat to the internal workings of your freezers, fridges, and even your vehicle. They can actually pose a fire hazard!

There are several types of rodent that can invade your home or property. Depending on their prevalence, Norway rats and Roof rats, House mice or Deer mice, can be the problem. Some of these rodents are content to set up house in stored campers, locked up cabins and sheds! When accessing these places after a prolonged period of non-use, make sure these areas are well aired out before entering. Keep an eye out for rodent droppings and signs of food invasion. If you come across rodent droppings, do not sweep or vacuum them up as some diseases that rodents carry can become airborne by doing this. There is information on the internet regarding droppings clean-up or have a professional do it!

I have discovered some of these prolific creatures living in rolled-up carpeting, fibreglass insulation, and compost and wood piles!

What You Can Do!

  • The cleaner and clutter-free your house and property is, the less likely it is that rodents will make your home and
    property theirs. Clean, sweep and vacuum regularly, keeping debris to a minimum.
  • Store your food in proper food containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Reduce plants and mulch piles that are close to the house.
  • Keep your trash and litter in proper receptacles with secure lids.
  • Ensure your doors and windows are well-fitted and secure as rodents will seek any route of access to your home in the cooler months! Rodents can squeeze through openings as little as their skulls will fit through, which can be as small as ¼-inch in some cases!
  • Keep stacked woodpiles as far from your house as your property allows.
  • Clean and rinse your recyclables and keep them away from your house in a proper lidded container for removal.
  • Trim bushes, branches and vines away from the house. Rodents are fabulous climbers and jumpers, particularly the Roof rat, aiming to make an abode at the top of your house where it may find easier access.
  • Wrap steel wool or mesh around wiring and pipes to protect them.
  • It is documented that bird feeders and pet food can be a big source of food for rats. I have seen rats eating suet hanging from trees for the birds. Be mindful of where and how you place feed. There are tips on the internet on how to go about doing this.
  • Eliminate unnecessary storage and clutter such as boxes, paper and clothing. Rats and mice love to nest in these materials for the warmth and security they offer.

What We Can Do For You!
Beat those rapid-breeding rodents to the punch! Have The Junk Box haul away and clear out your excess renovation materials, debris, garden waste, compost, storage items, junk, etc. before the opportunity for a rodent problem develops. De-cluttering is what we do best! We do basement, garage, shed and trailer clear outs. No problem! We welcome the opportunity to get your junk and recyclables to their allotted depots and you will see and feel the difference instantly! By calling The Junk Box, Victoria’s Junk Removal service, the job is quick and easy as we do all the loading and clean-up and we are well equipped for the job. We are 100% insured and covered by WCB.

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