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The Junk Box has not only 25+ years of experience in junk removal and recycling but also in witnessing lives unfold. This means we are often called to help manage the overwhelmingly difficult and stressful task of clearing out an estate after the passing or relocation of a loved one. Another scenario in which we have also been considered helpful is a strained separation or divorce, when things just have to go!

We recognize the myriad of emotions that arise from life change and we remain sensitive and compassionate to each individual situation. We remain a professional, non-judgmental and trustworthy source of support to you, helping make the tough task of separating and sorting through personal estate materials and otherwise less onerous on you physically and emotionally! This will free you up to focus on some of the other important and pressing time-sensitive matters specific to your situation!

Follow this link to view tips for the sale of property from the Victoria Real Estate Board and Realtors of Greater Victoria:

Creating Curb Appeal – Selling Resources

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Where should you start? 

Here are some steps and things to consider when you feel at a loss:

  • Contact us and let us know your situation/circumstance. Have a desired date in mind when you would like to do the clean-out.

  • Consider what items you would like to keep and which you would like to sell, donate to local charity, or simply have us haul away, sort and recycle. With your input and feedback, we can tailor the work you need done, keeping your most treasured, precious items and memorabilia safe and protected.

  • If your time allows, we can refer you to an appraiser that can help with the sale of unwanted valuables such as furniture, paintings, china, etc.

  • Whether you are a local or from out-of-town and without local contacts, we will work with your schedule and your time line. We work easily and flexibly with trustees, estate-planners and executors. We can offer an extensive list and range of referrals from local moving companies, painters, cleaners, realtors to aid in a smooth transition.

  • When we arrive, we do a walk-through with you or your representative. We offer a firm price on the work to be done so there are no surprises at the end.

  • We provide you with a written receipt for your records and our business card for ease of reference.

Construction/Renovation Debris

Whether you are doing an upgrade, replacement, demolition, renovation or a brand new building, we take most everything:

  • Wood

  • Windows

  • Insulation

  • Cardboard

  • Recycling

  • Drywall* (depending on the year)

  • Paint cans

  • Concrete

  • Paper

  • Doors

  • Plaster

  • Metal

  • Bricks

  • Toilets

  • Kitchen cabinets

  • Carpeting

  • Bathtubs

  • And more

*We accept drywall, depending on the year and if it has been tested. If drywall has a date stamp of 1990 or earlier, the drywall has to be tested for asbestos. Asbestos in materials is a major health concern if not handled and disposed of properly! Testing for asbestos can be done at a number of sites in Victoria, including Northwest Environmental, AREC Environmental or Sky Environmental. You would simply submit a sample edge or corner of drywall, with mud/plaster intact, for testing with one of these companies. The result of your drywall sample would be available in a day or two. If the material proves to be asbestos-free, we will gladly take the drywall away for recycling! If the material has asbestos in it, we would be happy to recommend specialized companies that safely and properly dispose of asbestos-laden materials.

Give Us a Call

Construction debris takes a good looking over. Everything has its special “spot” in terms of where it should go and very little should EVER go to a landfill. Mankind has had to change thinking and views in regards to what is appropriate for disposal and what can be re-used or recycled to reduce our “Ecological footprint” or impact for our environment and for our future generations. We make every effort to sort, separate and send materials to their special “spot” or stations/depots for re-use and recycling.

We Will Do the Job Right!

We will make an assessment of the debris and materials and give you an up front, no-obligation price. We are a local grassroots company that offers low cost services, not some high-overhead franchise, so the savings are passed on to you.

Once we have agreed on a price, we will dig in and get the work done. Our trucks are equipped with all the necessary equipment to remove the debris and materials for disposal and recycling.

The Junk Box is fully covered by WCB and liability insurance.

A few commonly asked questions:

Q. What is the longest length material you can take in your truck?

A. Our Junk Box trucks can accommodate up to 12 foot (or 3.66 meters) in length. If you have something longer than that, let us know and we can bring the appropriate saw to cut lengths that will work.

Q. Do I need to remove nails from the wood before The Junk Box arrives?

A. There is no need to remove the nails from wood. We are very adept and experienced at handling such materials and have all the equipment and safety gear handy. We sometimes will do small demolitions of sheds, fences and children's play apparatus'.

Q. Do you take big chunks of concrete?

A. As long as the concrete is in manageable pieces that two of our trained Junk Box personnel can safely load onto a truck.

We Welcome Your Questions! If we have not addressed your questions through our website, blog or Facebook page, don't hesitate to call! We value your business, interest and time.

Call Dale, Your Local Junk Removal Expert! 250-658-3944

Property Management Companies

I have been a member of ROMS (Rental Owners & Managers Society of BC), now operating under the new name of Landlord BC, since 2008. I understand the importance of a thorough clean-up and fast turnaround time. The appeal and appearance of a residence is a key component in re-rental.

How We Can Help!

With over 30 years in my business of garbage disposal and recycling as The Junk Box, I have worked with many building owners and managers, landlords and strata committees. I have seen all types of living situations, including hoarding, grow-ops and units in severe, dilapidated states. We are a professional and courteous company that works swiftly, doing a thorough and complete job of clearing out units and residences of furniture, appliances, clutter, food and debris left behind by tenants. 

Another feature to our work is that we often arrange a date and time with strata committees that have organized a spring clean-up day on the strata grounds. We can provide valuable tips to strata and its members for arranging and successfully participating in a clean-up day, with excellent and low-cost results.

Call Dale, Your Local Junk Removal Expert! 250-658-3944.

Services we provide:

  • Foreclosure clean-ups

  • Clean-up after bad tenants

  • Clean-up after good tenants

  • Items left out at dumpsters in the parking lots, such as: TV's, couches and old furniture, mattresses

  • Annual spring de-cluttering at complexes, apartment buildings, strata grounds, houses and suites

  • Removal of construction debris from updating

  • Provision of a receipt for easy record keeping

There can be some issues associated with clearing out cluttered, neglected living spaces and, as such, we take every precaution towards safety, using safety gear as deemed necessary. It is important for us to know the specifics of the clear out. We assure you, as well, that we are fully covered by WBC and liability insurance.

Realtors: We Can Help You Make the Difference

The Junk Box junk removal service can help you, the Realtor, make the difference between a swift, easy sell, or a tougher, more challenging one. Call us and have our team help your client remove any unwanted items and clutter that may have a negative impact on the appearance and first impression a potential buyer may have of the house or surrounding property. At the Junk Box, we understand the importance of your timeline and schedule. You will find us professional, punctual, thorough and fast. 

How we benefit YOU!

Whether it's the real estate property or the home itself, we create space and de-clutter! Generally, the bigger the space the better, and this helps prospective buyers visualize themselves living in the home. Calling us in to do the work prevents delay of real estate readiness and helps you put the property on the market faster. This makes dollars and “sense”! Oftentimes, the homeowner underestimates the amount of work it takes to move out, resulting in a time crunch, and in junk and unwanted items being left behind. As you know, the closing of a deal can be held up by such circumstances. Let us help you rectify the situation by promptly clearing away all the unwanted junk and finding it a better home at the proper disposal and recycling depots.

Call Dale, Your Local Junk Removal Expert! 250-658-3944.

Garden Waste

This is one load we can proudly say is 100% recyclable!

Absolutely, we take garden waste! The best part about it is, if you don't want it, somebody else will! Garden waste, including plant prunings, compost, sod and leaves is not only a renewable resource but an easily recycled one. We take your load to a proper facility to be ground up and composted for later use as nutrient-rich topsoil! “Better Earth, Better Existence, Better Tomorrow”

Why it's always a good idea to call us!

We Simplify Things for You!

Why spend the remaining part of your day cleaning garden muck and residue out of your car, van or station wagon after making repeated trips to the composting facility yourself? Renting a vehicle to dispose of your garden waste and paying for all the fees associated with the rental can be a big, costly hassle. The lineup at the composting station can also be daunting. All these things can be time-consuming and are not cost-effective. 

We offer you low, up-front rates with friendly, prompt service. We can accommodate most piles of garden waste in one load on our trucks. We can even put mixed loads of garden waste and household junk on the truck in some cases, making our work even more convenient and useful to you. In either case, we can remove the load from your property, quickly and neatly, to allow you the rest of the day to invest your time in your other interests.

Call Dale, Your Local Junk Removal Expert! 250-658-3944.

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