10 Reasons to Call The Junk Box

Naturally, there are tons of really great reasons to call The Junk Box for stuff hauling needs. Here are just a few of our favourites!

  1. Over thirty years of experience in how to divert as much waste away from the landfill as possible!
  2. We are a local, family-owned business that cares about our environment. We really have an interest in and take pride in protecting this place… our home!
  3. We believe in friendly and superb customer service and establishing trust in building a successful business. This has been a proven approach for over the past thirty years, and we plan on continuing on for another thirty!
  4. To run our business operations, we make it a priority to support other local businesses in our community. Our company uniforms, trucks, office stationery and more… are all purchased locally. We all benefit together.
  5. With your calls for our junk removal services, you have supported our hiring of many students over the years. Your junk accumulations have helped many of our employees put themselves through school and, as a result, some have gone on to become firemen, carpenters and engineers, for example.
  6. We believe in upfront pricing with a firm quote before the job starts. No one likes to be surprised with a wait-and-see approach for their final bill. Before we even load the truck, you will know what you are paying, and not a penny more, as a firm quote will have been discussed and mutually agreed upon in advance of our services.
  7. We are passionate about our business and what we do. It gives an opportunity to meet a diverse mix of people and the opportunity to help with their junk removal and recycling needs.
  8. Our goal is to make your clean-up as painless and as simple as possible. With all our years of experience, we are able to offer many helpful tips on decluttering your home and workspace, clearing out an estate, or simplifying garden refuse removal.
  9. We donate and recycle whenever possible. We have found many different ways to re-purpose old items.
  10. All the lifting, moving, loading and recycling is done by our team. From the couch in your basement to the old lawnmower in your shed, we’ll do all the work for you with a smile.
Junk Box team
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