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recycle bin

Recycling in Victoria: What Goes in the Blue Box?

Recycling in Victoria is run by the Capital Regional District.…

Pest Control

In my 25 + years of experience of junk removal, I have seen a lot of rodents take advantage of junk build-up! Too many scenarios! Out of respect for all living creatures, rodents deserve a place to live, but preferably not in our dwellings or yard!

Downsizing Your Home: Ten Tips

There may come a time in your life when you decide that it's time to downsize from a larger home to a smaller place of residence out of desire or necessity. The Junk Box junk removal service, in Victoria, has some helpful tips:

Fall Clean-Up

Fall is a great time to de-clutter the yard; time to get rid of compost, trim trees and shrubs and have them taken away for chipping, and to get rid of all that old unused junk you have been storing in the shed.
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