Mattress Recycling, Disposal, & Removal

Mattress Recycling?

Yes, we totally do that. We know lugging an older mattress to the dump is no easy task. We certainly wouldn’t want you trying to load up a floppy mattress on your own. That’s what we’re for! We will haul away any mattress of any size as well as the box springs. Two friendly junk removal experts will come right to your door and handle all the heavy lifting. Just leave it to us.

Here are a few other bedroom items that we can remove and recycle for you:

  • All the metal rails used on raised box springs. These get taken to metal recycling at the Hartland Dump.
  • We also take futons, foam mattresses, headboards, footboards, wooden bases, and pretty much anything bed-like or supports a bed-like thing!

NOTE: We won’t accept bug-infested mattresses or box springs.

Car with mattresses on roof

Are Mattresses Really Recycled?

Yes! The pilot program that ran at Hartland Landfill was so successful, it became a permanent feature at the facility. All mattresses and boxsprings are mechanically dismantled for recyclable elements like steel and wood. Those mattress springs are heavy duty!

All that being said, it’s not all cinnamon toast and strawberries. There are some restrictions to what we can recycle at the mattress facility. The following items are not recyclable.

  • Futons
  • Foam mattresses
  • Mattresses that are unsanitary such as containing blood, urine or bed bugs
  • Wet mattresses
  • Burned mattresses

Keeping even one bed out of the landfill is a good thing, so we’ll keep recycling everything that we can.

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