Yard & Garden Waste

Absolutely, we take garden waste! The best part about it is, if you don’t want it, somebody else will! Garden waste, ranging from prunings, compost, sod and leaves, is not only a renewable resource but an easily recycled one. We take your load to a proper facility to be ground up and composted, for later use as nutrient-rich topsoil! “Better Earth, Better Existence, Better Tomorrow”

We Simplify Things for You!

Why spend the remaining part of your day cleaning out your car, van, station wagon of garden muck and residue after making repeated trips to the composting facility yourself? Renting a vehicle to dispose of your garden waste and paying for all the fees associated with the rental can be a big costly hassle. The line up at the composting station can also be daunting. All these things can be time-consuming and are not cost-effective.

We offer you low, upfront rates with friendly, prompt service. We can accommodate most piles of garden waste in one load on our trucks. We can even put mixed loads of garden waste and household junk on the truck, in some cases, making our work even more convenient and useful to you. In either case, we can remove the load from your property, quickly and neatly, to allow you the rest of the day to invest yourself in your other interests.

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