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What to Do with Your Leftover Construction Debris

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The Junk Removal Process from Start to Finish

An accumulation of junk in and around your home can be a real problem. Nobody wants to live in a cluttered environment, plus heaps of junk make for unfortunate tripping hazards, homes for vermin and mould growth zones.

In this article, we’re going to break down each step in the junk removal process. The first step in the junk removal process is owning up to the fact you have a junk problem – maybe it’s not a problem yet, but heaps of unwanted household waste laying around is sure to cause a hazard.

Realize you’ve got a junk problem

pile of junk outside the house

A junk problem can take form a number of ways. Maybe your family is moving, getting ready to purge old household items and start fresh elsewhere. Someone could have passed away, meaning it’s time to separate the things that should be kept from the rest. If you’ve been renovating or re-landscaping your home, there’s sure to be some leftover debris or yard waste. Or maybe you’re just a bit of a pack rat.

Aside from the headaches and stress that will build within you over time, having too much junk laying about can be dangerous. To start, certain junk like yard waste and construction debris can represent a tripping hazard and can threaten to injure if there are metal scraps and broken glass laying around. But junk piles are also a classic hideout for pests like rats, mice and unwelcome insects. Mould can also be issue if things are damp or left uncovered.

Once you come to terms with your junk problem, the most difficult step in the junk removal process is over.

Figure out what can be hauled away

old blue bike

Once you’ve realized the junk in your home has seen its final day, you’ve kicked off the most difficult part of the process. From here on out, you’ll hardly need to lift a finger. But you will need to figure out what exactly can be hauled away and what cannot.

At The Junk Box, we provide a comprehensive clean-up service, which means we can haul a variety of junk, debris, and recycling. There are a ton of items we can take.

Some of the most common junk we haul away from Victoria properties are old unwanted household items like furniture and appliances – this stuff is all no problem plus we haul plenty of yard waste and construction waste. We also place an emphasis on recycling whenever possible, so as little as possible end up in our landfill. Chances are a good amount of your stuff qualifies for recycling and we can take it all.

If you don’t see an item on this list of junk we take, contact us and let us know. There’s a chance we’ll still be able to take it off your hands, but if not, we’ll recommend someone who can.

Optional: Speed up the process

If you want to speed up the junk removal process even further or you just can’t sit still, junk can be pre-hauled out to your driveway or yard. This will really expedite the process, especially if you’ve got junk hiding upstairs or deep within your home. This step isn’t necessary, but it can dramatically shorten the time we spend on your property.

Make the call and get ready for pickup

making a phone call

If you’re ready to remove the junk from your property once and for all, give The Junk Box a call. We’re a family-run business that has been removing junk since 1987, and it’s our quick and reliable service that’s earned us the reputation we enjoy to this day.

If you’re in Victoria, we can pick up your junk (with the exception of Sooke), including Sidney, Central Saanich, Colwood, View Royal, Esquimalt, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin, North Saanich, Oak Bay and Saanich.

When you book with The Junk Box, we’ll provide you with a two-hour window of time for when you can expect us to arrive at your property. Then, sit back and watch your junk disappear for good!

Say goodbye to your junk

Junk Box team of 4

When you call The Junk Box, you won’t have to move a muscle to get the junk off your property. That’s because we offer an all-inclusive service, meaning we’ll do all the loading and cleanup. Just show us to the junk!

When all your junk is secure in the back of our truck, that’s when we’ll start the cleanup. Any tarps or area the junk or garden waste may have been on is cleared and swept, leaving the area looking clean and pristine.

Call The Junk Box at 250-658-3944, or fill out our contact form to make a booking or ask a question.

group of gnomes in planter

Cool Finds: Victoria’s Newest Gnome Orphanage

The Junk Box has been hauling people’s unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics and other junk for over 30 years now. We’ve seen a lot of what you might expect – stained old mattresses, broken refrigerators, yard waste and boxy old TV sets. But the junk removal business has introduced us to some pretty neat stuff as […]


Cool Finds: Paper from the Morning After JFK Assassination

After over 3 decades in the junk removal business, we’ve certainly hauled some weird stuff. We’re proud to haul our customers’ junk – no matter how weird it is. But if it’s interesting enough, we might take some pictures!

We’ve hauled countless refrigerators, couches, and electronics. But every once in a while, we have the pleasure of finding some really neat stuff.

Recently, we found a Victoria Daily Times newspaper dated November 22nd, 1963 – the morning after President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, Texas.

JFK assassination story in paper


The feature image shows the President, Mrs. Kennedy, and Texas Governor Connally riding in a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, with the headline reading “Shot in Head From Ambush at Dallas”.

The motorcade was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital, where Kennedy was pronounced dead roughly 30 minutes after the shooting. Governor Connally was badly wounded during the attack, but would go on to recover from his injuries.

The assassination sparked worldwide shock and outrage. It was also a confusing time, with the assassination happening during the Cold War. People prayed and watched newscasts from department store windows across the country.

To this day, the JFK assassination lives on in the American psyche, and far as historical events go, the significance of the assassination rivals only that of Pearl Harbour and 9/11.

Oswald shooting story in paper

In the next image, there’s the headline ‘Kennedy Given Hero’s Burial’, along with a photo. There’s also the subheading ‘Millions See Shooting Of Oswald’. This subheading refers to Lee Harvey Oswald, the former US Marine who assassinated Kennedy. Oswald was shot and killed in the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters on live television by local nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

Also on the page, there’s mention of world leaders and dignitaries attending the Mass and Solemn Rite for Kennedy, after the assassination.

Russian ship crashing into ferry story in paper

On this page, there’s the story of the Soviet freighter that ran into the BC Government’s ferry, the Queen of Victoria, in Active Pass. The collision caused three deaths, seven injuries, and a 40-foot gash in the auto deck. There are photos of the damage, the two ships colliding, and the ships route on a map.

Also on the page, we have a subheading fit for the times, ‘Abortion Worse Than Bomb’, as well as another subheading urging the BC Government to raise taxes.

black marries white story in Mississippi in newspaper

This page will really take you back. On the right side, spanning the entire length of the page, we have an advertisement for Oakcrest Foods on Quadra Street. They’ve got some big discounts in store, including a dozen eggs for 39 cents, 3 pounds of margarine for 65 cents, an 8-pack of toilet paper for 69 cents, and a pound of ground beef for 59 cents.

On the left side of the page, there’s news of a white man marrying a black woman in Mississippi, with a headline reading ‘It’s Legal in Mississippi: Black Marries White’.

Churchill ceremony story in paper

The page of this paper features a big image of a solemn looking, dressed up Winston Churchill, for the story of his historic state funeral. His funeral was the largest state funeral in history, seen by over 350 million people. Politicians and leaders from around the world attended, in order to pay their respects to the war-time leader. Under the photo reads the subheading ‘He Was Last of Tough Men’.

Victoria Daily Times newspaper

This newspaper page is filled with stories about crime around Victoria. Starting on the left, there’s a story about an arsonist who did $2,500 in damage to a local school. There’s also a story about Victoria Police attaching a flourishing bootleg operation. Finally, on the right is a story about a petty crime spree where thieves targeted 19 homes but ended up finding very little worth taking.

Eaton's sale ad in paper

This full page is dedicated to Eaton’s another great throwback. Eaton’s was a department store in Victoria that used to occupy the building we now know as the Bay Centre. The page appears to feature a full-page Eaton’s ad for their Christmas sale. Among the sale items is a ‘furry-looking Eskimo jacket’ for $6.99, a doll stroller for $24.95, along with multiple little knick-knacks, food items and liquor wrapped in Christmas packaging.

menswear ad in paper

On the 8th and final newspaper page, we see several images of handsomely dressed men. The top of the page features a heading underscored by the name ‘Hudson’s Bay Company’ – known today as just ‘The Bay’. In one image, a pair of pants are being advertised at $14.88 above an ad for three white shirts for just $10.50. In another, a bulky knit cardigan is on for $9.99. But the copy beneath the image is even better than the price: ‘He-man appeal: the fashion of handsome, leather-buttoned-full-fashion cardigans!’

In our over 30 years of hauling Victoria’s junk, this newspaper is one of our most interesting finds. It’s a piece of history that somehow managed to survive the garbage can for so many years.

We’re a family run business servicing Victoria, Sidney, Langford, Central & North Saanich, Metchosin, the Highlands, and everywhere in between. We haul furniture, mattresses, appliances, yard waste, construction debris, and other miscellaneous junk. If you don’t see your items in our list of junk we pick up, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

If you have some unwanted junk you need gone, give The Junk Box a call. Plus, we’ll quote your job for free. Call us at 250-658-3944, or drop us a message and tell us what you need gone.

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5 Mandatory Summer Cleaning Tasks

Although home cleaning and maintenance is probably not what you had in mind for your summer plans, it’s one of the most important times of the year to do so.

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